The treatment of the anxious disorders needs a complex approach. These are mental disorders that may have a various origin. But in order to have a complete diagnostics and make a diagnosis, it is necessary to reduce an acute form of the anxiety and panic. Ativan is used for these purposes.

Main information

Ativan is an intensive sedative product that contains Lorazepam. This ingredient provides a sedative, myorelaxing, anticonvulsive action.
The main indication for the use of Ativan is an anxious disorder. But due to the broad action, this medicine may be used during other diseases of the central nervous system such as panic attacks, neurosis-like states, epileptic status, insomnia, endogenic psychosis, and others.

If alcohol abstinence, Ativan helps to reduce the symptoms and relieve this period in human life. But the use of the drug is possible, only if a human does not consume beverage drinks.
The Ativan mechanism of the action consists in the stimulation of certain processes in the brain that inhibit the activity of neurons.

Regardless of a cause of the anxiety and panic, the work of the nervous system plays a great role. If the sensitivity of neurons to gamma-aminobutyric acid is increased, the activity of the electrical charges is reduced. At the same time, the nervous system calms down. A patient will feel better and calmer even during the acute attack of panic and anxiety.

More about dosage

Ativan begins working within 1-2 hours after the use. In the first day, the therapeutic effect will not be maximal. The increase of the effect will be noticed in 3-5 days of the treatment. Therefore, do not take a high dose at once.
It is better to begin the treatment from the minimal dose of Ativan 1-2 mg per day. A low dose may be used once per day in the morning. Increasing the dose, it may be divided into 2-3 parts.
The maximal daily dose of Ativan is 10 mg. The first part should be used in the morning (before breakfast), the second part is used in the afternoon (between meals), and the third part is used in the evening (15-20 minutes before sleeping).

But the maximal doses of Ativan are prescribed only in case of emergency, during outbreak or panic or anxiety. Most patients may take 3-6 mg per day in order to control emotions.
Ativan may be used within 3-6 months.

Recommendations for the use

• If you use hormonal peroral contraceptives, Ativan may reduce their efficiency. Use an additional protection against unwanted pregnancy
• If pregnancy occurred during the treatment, it is necessary to consult a doctor and stop taking the pills, if needed
• Do not take Ativan with sedative, tranquilizers, ethanol, and opioid analgesics
• If respiratory distress or diseases of the respiratory system, Ativan is not prescribed

Side effects

The medical tests show that the highest risk of the side effects is observed in aged patients and patients who take Ativan for the first time.
These patients are subject to the following symptoms: headache, nausea, general fatigue, severe sleepiness, and low blood pressure. The increase of the dose may also cause these symptoms, and therefore the dose may be increased only if you are confident that you have a good tolerance of Lorazepam.