Forget about Depression with Lexapro

An innovative formula of Lexapro allows improving the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Being a powerful antidepressant with a drastic impact on the organism, Lexapro belongs to a group of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. The main components of the medication affect the chemicals produced in the brain, balancing them and decreasing the symptoms of anxiety and depression. In general, Lexapro is prescribed to adults suffering from anxiety, while it is sometimes recommended for adolescents (above 12 years old) who have major depressive disorders.

Lexapro may also be used in cases not mentioned in the information leaflet.

Safety Information, Precautions and Contraindications of Lexapro

Planning Lexapro treatment course, keep in mind all the possible effects on the organism it may produce.

Thus, consult your physician before the beginning of the therapy. Provide your healthcare specialist with a full list of health problems, diseases and disorders you have and medications you are taking to eliminate possible risks of side effects, caused by contraindications and drug interactions.

Avoid Lexapro intake if you are allergic to its active components. Besides, do not take the medication if you are under the influence of Pirozide or Methylene injections.

Lexapro is also not recommended to patients who have used any MAO inhibitors within the last 14 days due to dangerous interactions possible. Once you wish to have a safe Lexapro treatment and benefit from it, tell your doctor about all the complications you have, paying exceptional attention to:

  • Diabetes;
  • Heart disorders;
  • Kidney or liverdiseases;
  • Epilepsy, seizures;
  • Narrow-angleglaucoma;
  • Manicdepression and others.

Avoid the medication intake if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, as the drug may harm the health of an unborn or nursing child and cause multiple complications. Lexapro is forbidden for children under 12 years old.

How to Take Lexapro?

If the medication course is approved to be safe and useful in your case and with your health condition, take it following the doctor’s prescription.

Take the medication as recommended by your healthcare provider and preserving the instructions mentioned in the information leaflet.

This way you will eliminate the risks of the drug misuse and overuse with all the devastating side effects. Never change the prescribed dosage without doctor’s supervision. Take Lexapro for the full course recommended by the doctor, even if your symptoms improve and depression fades away.

Use the medication daily, without skipping doses. However, if you have occasionally forgotten to use one pill, take it when you remember, but skip it if the next scheduled one is soon to be taken. Besides, avoid the abrupt stop of Lexapro intake, as it may cause unpleasant withdrawal effects.

Lexapro Side Effects

Following all the recommendations and instructions given by the doctor you eliminate the risks of any severe side effects appearance.

However, you may experience common downsides that serve as a normal reaction of the organism to a new medication. Such complications include weakness, headaches, mind nausea, constipation, stomach disorders, sudden weight gain or loss, vision changes, insomnia, etc.

These symptoms will disappear after the first few drug intakes. Call your doctor if the condition does not improve and complications aggravate.

Seek emergency medical assistance once you experience any severe side effects, such as allergic reactions, blurred vision, vision loss, panic attack, sudden behavior changes, hostility, agitation, vomiting, fainting, etc.