There is no guarantee that you may reduce an excessive weight even if you follow a balanced diet and physical activity. There are certain sections in the brain that regulate metabolism, and in case of the insufficient daily calorie value, metabolism is reduced, so that a weight loss is stopped.
In order to accelerate metabolism and increase the efficiency of the weight loss, we would like to recommend you Meridia.
Main information
Meridia is a medicine for the treatment of obesity. The drug has been specially developed for people who cannot lose weight on their own. The drug contains Sibutramine.
A mechanism of the action of Meridia is simple. Its main active ingredient Sibutramine inhibits hunger and forms satiation. As you take this medicine, it is possible to control an amount of the consumed food, without psychological and physiological discomfort.
Besides the main action, the use of Meridia leads to the normalization of triglycerides, lipoproteins, glucose, cholesterol, hemoglobin and uric acid levels. It happens because a regulated process of diet leads to the better digestion of food and metabolism.
But to achieve the maximal effect, it is necessary to stick to a healthy diet and go for sports.
More about dosage
If you have decided to take Meridia for the first time, the treatment of the obesity should be started from a dose of 10 mg per day. If the use of the capsules does not cause side effects within 2-3 weeks, and a weight loss is slow (less than 3 kg in 2 weeks), a daily dose may be increased up to 15 mg per day.
It is contraindicated to take more than 15 mg of Meridia per day. If you want to increase a therapeutic effect, it is necessary to reduce a daily consumption of calories.
The Meridia capsules should be used once per day, in the morning, 30 mins before breakfast. Every dose should be taken with a full glass of water.
Meridia helps just to reduce appetite and accelerate an excretion of the fatty tissue from the body. But to have maximally effective process, it is necessary to consume low-calorie food and stick to the protein diet.
Recommendations for the use
• Take at least 2,5 liters of water within a day during the treatment
• Avoid food that is rich of animal and vegetable fats, fast carbs, and sweets. Eat more dietary fibre.
• The simultaneous use of Meridia and drugs/products affecting the central nervous system is not allowed. An additional stimulation of the central nervous system may cause side effects
• Patients with severe diseases of the cardiovascular system may be contraindicated to take Meridia. A cardiologist’s consultation will help to find out main precautions

Side Effects
As any strong product, Meridia has side effects. The side effects often appear in the central nervous system: headache, insomnia, agitation, anxiety, and excessive sweating. The symptoms occur seldom in the cardiovascular system: tachycardia, high blood pressure.
Any side effects should be controlled. Therefore, if you feel sick or other symptoms, consult your physician.