Are you tired to fight an excessive weight, and exhausting diets do not give any results? Stop suffering and torturing your body. Unbalanced diet and a fast will not help you to get rid of the excessive weight, but they will just harm your body. Phentermine is a really effective and safe way to get rid of the excessive weight.

Maini nformation

Phentermine is a stimulant of the central nervous system that helps to reduce hunger. This product is prescribed fatty patients with high excessive body weight. If you just want to lose a couple of pounds, this drug is not for you. If the body mass index is more than 30, Phentermine is what you need.
The mechanism of the action consists in the stimulation of the satiation centers in the brain. You will experience satiation faster, and you will not be hungry between meals. This way, you will consume less calories and keep to a balanced diet without any discomfort.
But, bear in mind that Phentermine is not a magical product. The drug will help to control hunger only. The main condition to lose weight is a balanced diet and physical exercises. You do not have to use strict diets and starve. But you will have to refuse from fatty food, fast-food and sugar. An advantage of Phentermine is that an excessive body weight is not gained after the end of the therapy.
More about dosage
If you want to lose weight, it is necessary to take a pill of Phentermine every day within 3-6 months. Every pill contains 37,5 mg of the active ingredients that inhibit hunger. Every pill of Phentermine 37,5 acts within 24 hours, and that is why do not exceed the daily dose.

The medicine should be used in the morning, after getting up, 20 minutes before breakfast. The action starts in the first day, and so you will see changes at the end of the first day of the treatment. But the maximal effect is a chieved in 5-7 days.
The treatment takes 3 to 6 months depending on how many pounds you want to lose.
Recommendations for the use
• Exceeding the maximal daily dose of 37,5 mg Phentermine may cause serious side effects
• Try to avoid alcohol consumption, stimulants of the central nervous system and narcotic analgesics during the treatment. An additional load on the central nervous system may cause side effects
Phentermine is not prescribed patients with severe cardiovascular diseases: uncontrolled arrhythmia, ischemic heart disease, heart failure, etc. This medicine may be used in an hour after myocardial infarction and if a doctor allowed.
Side effects
In general, Phentermine is well tolerated but every human reacts differently to the action of the pills. The side effects often appear within the first 2-3 weeks of the treatment. These are headaches, dizziness, tachycardia, increased blood pressure, nausea, psychomotor agitation, mild tremor, dry mouth, indigestion.
You should control a development of the side effects, and if they become severe, the use of Phentermine is stopped. If the symptoms do not cause discomfort, the treatment is continued. If necessary, you may consult a doctor and change the scheme of the treatment.