Sleepiness, fatigue, lack of energy – all know these symptoms. One of the causes of these symptoms is a narcolepsy, a pathological state of the nervous system characterized by the day-time attacks of irresistible sleepiness and attacks of the impulsive falling asleep. In order to neutralize these symptoms, it is enough to take a pill of Provigil.
Provigil has been developed specially for the treatment of narcolepsy, and therefore it removes sleepiness and prevents an impulsive falling asleep. The drug contains Modafinil ingredient.

This ingredient has a broad action.
As you know, the use of Provigil is accompanied by the significant increase of the cognitive abilities, improvement of the emotional health, improvement of the psychomotor functions.

Unlike the drugs on the basis of amphetamines, Provigil does not cause a medical addiction and is better tolerated.
A common observance of the dosing schedule guarantees the absence of the side effects and unpleasant symptoms.
Modafinil is neither a narcotic drug, nor psychostimulant.

This is a representative of the new group of medicines – nootropics. It has a soft action as to neurotransmitters of the brain.
The increase/reduction of their concentration (in particular noradrenaline and dopamine) controls the main functions of the central nervous system and the brain. A human may control the mental abilities and inhibit sleepiness, as needed.
There is also data that the use of Provigil helps to stay up within 3 days without losing a mental and physical activity.
More about dosage
If a day-time sleepiness and fatigue bother you, it is necessary to take a pill of Provigil 100 mg every morning. You should take a pill 20 minutes before breakfast and with a glass of water. A therapeutic effect grows within 2-3 days.
If you didn’t see a result within this period, the daily dose should be increased.

A pill of Provigil 100 mg should be used in the morning, and a pill 100 mg is used in the afternoon, between meals.
If your purpose to increase the brain activity, it is necessary to start taking Provigil 200 mg.
The medicine is indicated for the short-term treatment of the narcolepsy, and therefore do not take the pills more than 3 weeks. An excessive stimulation may cause side effects.
Recommendations for the use
• Do not take Provigil before sleeping. If the pill is taken 7 hours before sleeping, insomnia may appear
• An overdose leads to the serious side effects, and so do not take more than 200 mg per day
• If you started taking Provigil, refuse from other psychostimulants or ingredients that affect the central nervous system

Side effects
Patients may have headache or insomnia in the first day of the use of Provigil. These are temporal symptoms that often appear in people with high sensitivity to Modafinil.
There is a risk of the development of an allergy. These are often local symptoms: skin rash, itching, and irritation. If the allergy does not grow, the treatment should be continued. If urticaria or edemas appeared, stop the treatment at once and consult a doctor or a pharmacist.