Inattentive and hyperactive children are quite common. But a serious disease of the nervous system called attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is sometimes at the back of these signs. This disease influences not only on behavior and emotions of a child, but also on the mental abilities.

If the treatment is absent, fine movements are affected, memory is bad, and an academic progress is low. In order to avoid this situation, children with ADHD are prescribed Ritalin.

Main information

Ritalin is a medicine from the group of psychostimulants and is used for the treatment of the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The drug has Methylphenidate ingredient. This ingredient stimulates the higher functions of the brain, so that a mental activity is improved, and other social abilities become better.

The use of Ritalin is accompanied by the improvement of memory, movement coordination, attentiveness, and patience. A child has better social interaction, becomes more patient, better contact with peers and adults.

A therapeutic effect is achieved by means of the increase of the catecholamines. These ingredients take part in all mechanisms of the central nervous system and brain, and accelerate the work of neurons.

Neurons better and faster contact each other by means of the stimulation of the nervous system, and therefore a psychomotor function and cognitive functions are improved.

More about dosage

A dosing of Ritalin is individual. A dose is often based on the body weight. A standard scheme of a daily dosing is 1 mg per 1 kg of the body weight. If a patient weighs 45 kg, a daily dose will be 45 mg.

A daily dose is used in the morning, after breakfast. It is pointless to take higher doses. The effect is not going to be better but there is a risk of the excessive stimulation of the neurons in the brain, so that the side effects will grow.

A minimal course of the treatment is a month. In 3 months of taking Ritalin, it is necessary to stop the treatment, have a medical examination and find out the further recommendations. If the therapy should be continued, a break for 2-3 months is taken, and then Ritalin is prescribed in the previous dose.

Recommendations for the use

  • The use of the following medicines is contraindicated during the use of Ritalin: tricyclic antidepressants, MAO inhibitors, psychostimulants (including nootropics), drugs containing ethyl alcohol
  • Do not take Ritalin during an outbreak of the mental disorder, anxiety, and panic attacks. A stimulating action may cause an acute state of the disease symptoms
  • If the effect dropped during the use of Ritalin in the dose of 1 mg per 1 kg, the treatment is stopped. It is most likely that the body has a reduced sensitivity to Methylphenidate, so that it is necessary to increase the dose. The increase of the dose is not desirable


Side effects

The side effects often appear because of the incorrect dose. If a dose is high, a patient may have the following symptoms: pupil dilation, sleep disorder, fast heart-beat, high blood pressure, high body temperature, and loss of appetite.

In order to weaken the side effects, it is necessary to lower a daily dose of Ritalin. If it didn’t help, it is necessary to consult a doctor.