The muscle spasms are accompanied by an acute pain when a human may lose a motion activity. After spasms, the muscle tension may be kept within several days or even months.

Even if you neutralize painful sensations with the help of analgesics, it will not help to reduce tension in the muscles. It is better to use Soma for these purposes.

Main information

Soma is a muscle relaxant used during the excessive muscle tension and spasms. The medicine contains Carisoprodol ingredient.

There are many causes of the excessive muscle tightness but all procedures go from the nervous system. In case of the increased agitation of the nerve endings, spasms happen that cause a muscle hypertonia and pain.

The mechanism of the action of Soma consists in the reduction of the central nervous system agitation. The drug provides a sedative and myorelaxing action.

Moreover, Carisoprodol may slightly increase a painful threshold, so that a transfer of the pain impulses from the muscle fibers through the nervous system is reduced.

Soma acts as a relaxant within 5-6 hours. A muscle tightness is reduced and a motion activity is improved during this period. After the end of the action, the muscle tissue gets in tone. The medicine is used only for the expectant treatment of the muscle spasms.

Therefore, it is necessary to find a cause of the disease besides the use of Soma and try to eliminate it.

More about dosage

Soma should be used only during the increased muscle strain or spasms. Themedicineisnotusedfortheprophylaxis.

To reduce a muscle tightness, it is necessary to take a pill of Soma 350 mg. It is better to take the pills after meals with enough water.

Do not use juice or milk. If the drug action is finished in 4-6 hours, another pill of Soma 350 mg may be used. It is allowed to take not more than 4 pills per day, so that the maximal daily dose is 1400 mg.

Soma maybe used within 25-30 days. If the symptoms of the disease are not improved during this period, and a cause is not detected, it is necessary to replace this medicine by another one that does not have Carisoprodol. A long-term use of the same drug (more than a month) may cause a development of tolerance.

Recommendations for the use

  • Soma is allowed for patients at the age of 6 and older
  • Pregnant women are not prescribed this medicine. An excessive relaxation of the muscle fibers may cause various disorders during pregnancy. If pregnancy occurred during the use of the pills, the treatment is stopped
  • Soma is contraindicated during severe diseases of heart, liver, kidney, and during acute state of the gastric ulcer
  • If you noticed the gastro-intestinal bleedings during the use of the drug, stop taking the pills. Perhaps, Carisoprodol has caused a recrudescence of the gastro-intestinal ulcers

Side effects

Fatigue, lack of energy, sleepiness, and dizziness are the most common side effects during the use of Soma. They appear because of the sedative effect caused by Carisoprodol.

In some cases, a blood pressure drops, digestion disorder and skin rash may happen. They occur seldom, but a medical aid is not required.