Pain is a natural reaction of the central nervous system to the external and internal irritants. Pain may have different origin and may differ by the intensity. In case of the light or moderate pain, NSAIDs or light analgesics may be used. But if a painful syndrome causes a serious psychological or physiological discomfort, it is necessary to take stronger analgesic, like Tramadol.

Main information

Tramadol is an alternative to the strong narcotic analgesic. As to its structure, this medicine also belongs to opioid products but it is called as opioid non-narcotic analgesic in most medical sources.
A peculiarity of Tramadol is that a binding of this drug with opioid receptors is by several times worse than in Codeine and Morphine. Therefore, it seldom causes euphoria and a medical addiction. If the therapeutic doses are not observed, there is a high risk of the development of the narcotic side effects.
An intensive analgesic effect develops within 15 minutes after the use of the pill. It takes a short period, up to 6 hours, but it helps to cope with any type of pain.

Tramadol may be used to reduce painful syndrome caused by inflammatory, neurological, vascular, oncological diseases, traumas, and others. Due to the higher safety, this medicine is used as a pain-relieving product during diagnostic and small surgical procedures.

Using 1-2 therapeutic doses of Codeine may cause an addiction, but the use of Tramadol does not lead to this. An analgesic activity of both drugs is the same.

More about dosage

The pills of Tramadol are taken during unbearable pain. A one-time therapeutic dose is 50 mg. Itworkswithin 4-6 hours. If the common dose is not enough, and pain does not go away, a daily dose may be increased up to Tramadol 100 mg. The pills may be used not more than 4 times per day (with the interval of 6 hours). As a result, a daily dose of Tramadol is 400 mg (do not exceed it).
Do not take theentire daily dose at once. This may cause serious side effects, intoxication, and a pain-relieving effect is not going to be better.
Even though Tramadol is a rather safe opioid analgesic, it should be used for a short period. Do not take the pills in the maximal dose for more than 30 days. Change an analgesic in order to avoid an addiction.

Recommendations for the use

Tramadol may be used by patients over 16 years old
• Old people and patients with renal failure need an individual dose
• If you are taking this medicine, an alcohol consumption is prohibited
• In case of the one-time use, there is no need to terminate a breast-feeding. If the pills are used on a regular basis, it is better to refuse from the breast-feeding. The drug is not taken during pregnancy.

Side effects

The side effects are an essential part of any analgesics, including Tramadol. But if you are going to stick to the recommendations for the use, these side effects will be light or moderate. But you have to be ready for the following side effects:
• increased fatigue,
• lethargy
• muscle spasms,
• nausea
• indigestion
• tachycardia
• hallucinations
• impaired cognitive function
The side effects completely disappear, if the use of the pills is stopped.