Anxiety, insomnia, muscle spasms are the main symptoms of the high agitation of the central nervous system. These symptoms may cause a serious psychological discomfort and gradually lead to severe diseases. A common medical examination will help to find out an imbalance in the brain and start an expectant treatment.
Valium is usually used for these purposes because it is a good sedative product with medical effect.

Main information

Valium is not just a sedative, but it is also myorelaxant of the broad action. ItsmainactiveingredientisDiazepam. This ingredient provides a sedative, soporific, anti-convulsive, anti-anxiety action. This is a classical representative of medicines from the group of benzodiazepines.

The action of Valium consists in the improvement of the conductivity of the gamma-aminobutyric acid receptors. This is the main breaking mediator in the nervous system that blocks excessive impulses between neurons and inhibits the increased activity.

Valium may be used in the treatment of the following disorders:
• Anxiety
• Neuroses
• Epileptic status
• Schizophrenia
• Increased irritability
• Psychomotor agitation
• Organic brain damage

Due to the broad action on the nervous system, Diazepam helps to easier overcome an alcohol abstinence. It relieves the main symptoms, is able to inhibit agitation, calms down the heart rate.

More about dosage

A dose of Valium depends on a medical image of a patient. The severer symptoms of the agitation in the central nervous system are, the more disorders a human has, the higher dose will be. The treatment usually starts from the use of a pill of Valium 5 mg 2 times per day. The first pill is used in the morning (30 minutes before breakfast), the second pill is used 30-40 minutes before sleeping.

If the muscle spasms, anxiety or epileptic attacks do not become weaker, the dose is increased up to 20 mg per day (10 mg of Valium 2 times per day).
These daily doses satisfy the needs of most patients, but some patients may need higher doses – 40 mg per day and more. In these cases, a dose should be increased gradually, in order to avoid side effects. The increase of the dose and a cancellation of the Valium use should be step by step.

Recommendations for the use

• You should refuse from alcohol consumption during the treatment. An interaction of ethanol with Diazepam may cause a serious inhibition of the central nervous system, so that the side effects happen
• In case of the simultaneous use of Diazepam with other psychomotor or spasmolytic drugs, an inhibiting action also grows
Valium is not prescribed during acute alcohol intoxication, coma, obstructive diseases of the respiratory system, hypertension. It may increase the symptoms of these diseases and harm your body.

Side effects

Even if you have side effects during the use of Valium, don’t worry. In most cases, they pass within 1-2 weeks without any medical intervention. But you should be ready for the following symptoms from time to time: dizziness, respiratory depression, diarrhea, gastrointestinal disorders, irregular heartbeat, muscle weakness, and drowsiness.
A severity of the side effects depends on a dose. Therefore, a reduction of the dose will help to get rid of the negative reactions.