Everybody has faced anxiety.

This is often a fleeting feeling which appears in rare cases during unexpected situations. But during a long-term mental strain, anxiety may happen every day and last for several hours. An anxious disorder may cause other severe mental disorders, and therefore if you have faced this problem, it is necessary to start taking Xanax as soon as possible.

Main information

Xanax is a strong anti-anxiety product that reduces a mental strain. The drug contains Alprazolam. This ingredient interacts with benzodiazepine receptors that regulate the activity of neurons in the cerebral cortex.

Xanax is mainly used for the treatment of the short-term episodes of the anxiety, concern, and fear. It has a broad action because it significantly reduces the load on the central nervous system. The drug provides a sedative, relaxingaction.

But unlike many benzodiazepines, Xanax does not cause sleepiness. It helps to restore sleeping regimen and treat insomnia, and a patient will not have irresistible sleepiness. Therefore, you may take this medicine and have a normal life.

Xanax also shows good results in the treatment of the panic disorders. It controls the attacks of panic and reduces their frequency.

More about dosage

Xanax is used for a short period – 3 months. It is enough in order to control the symptoms of the anxiety or panic disorder and relieve a patient’s life. A longer use of the pills is not recommended.

The treatment is started in accordance to the standard scheme: a pill of Xanax 0,5 mg 3 times per day. If no side effects appeared within a week, a dose is increased. The dose is increased gradually by 1-1,5 mg once in 3-5 days.

Patients without contraindications are allowed to take 10 mg of Xanax per day (a daily dose should be divided into 3 times. If a dose is not divided equally into 3 parts, the bigger part is used in the evening – 1 hour before sleeping).

In 3 months of the intensive treatment, a dose of Xanax is also gradually reduced and the use of the pills is completely stopped within 2-3 weeks. A sudden cancellation of the treatment is not required.

Recommendations for the use

  • Even though Xanax does not cause a severe sleepiness, some patients may have a slow psychomotor reaction during the treatment. That is why, it is better to refuse from driving for a while and be careful during potentially careful activities.
  • An alcohol consumption and medicines containing ethanol are contraindicated during the treatment
  • If a patient has an underlying risk for glaucoma, the use of Xanax is not recommended. Consult an oculist
  • If a woman became pregnant during the treatment, the use of Xanax is stopped

Side effects

Old patients and people who take Xanax for the first time are prone to the development of the side effects. These patients may have the following side effects within the first 2-3 weeks of the treatment: drowsiness, fatigue, dizziness, decreased psychomotor reactions, movement coordination disorders, weakness, sudden mood changes. If the side effects are moderate, the treatment is continued according to the standard scheme.

If a patient has suicidal thoughts, severe muscle spasms, excessive aggressiveness/manic syndrome due to the use of Xanax, the treatment is terminated.