Fortnite Impostors tips - how to win as an Agent or Impostor (2024)

Fortnite Impostors tips - how to win as an Agent or Impostor (1)

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Taking on board some Fortnite Impostors tips before you head to The Bridge will stand you in good stead, as you tackle the subterfuge and mental mind games that come with this new mode. If you've played Among Us before then the overall concept will be very familiar, though it has of course been given a full Fortnite makeover as you try to differentiate between the hard-working Agents keeping things running and the sneaky Impostors trying to bring the whole thing down. Whichever side you find yourself randomly allocated to, we've got Fortnite Impostors tips for both Agents and Impostors to help you emerge from the crew vote victorious.

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Fortnite Impostors tips – Agent

Fortnite Impostors tips for an Agent

Fortnite Impostors tips - how to win as an Agent or Impostor (2)

As an Agent, your role is to complete assignments around The Bridge by beating various minigames, to fill the Agent Progress bar to the end and win. You'll need to avoid getting eliminated by an Impostor, and look out for clues to identify who they are.

1. Pay attention to other players' behavior

Fortnite Impostors tips - how to win as an Agent or Impostor (3)

As you move around The Bridge, watch how other player behave and make a mental note of anything strange you see, such as a player running around in loops or pretending to complete assignments. Forget their usernames and instead focus on the numbers above their heads, as these are used to identify players when it comes to the discussion and voting section.

2. Try to watch what's going on while completing assignments

Fortnite Impostors tips - how to win as an Agent or Impostor (4)

During a lot of the assignments you can either move around, or at least angle the camera to keep a watch on what's happening around you. An Impostor may assume you're busy with your task and not notice something they're doing nearby, but if you spot them then you can take that information to the rest of the crew.

3. Be ready to deal with sabotage

Fortnite Impostors tips - how to win as an Agent or Impostor (5)

If one of the Impostors triggers a sabotage then be ready to react as quickly as possible – if you're teleported then resume your activities from the new location, whereas if assignments are disabled then run around to restore power by interacting with the red panels. Peely Party is problematic as you can't tell who anyone is, so try to keep your distance from other players but watch out for obvious Imposter activity you can report.

4. Remember which players you see together

Fortnite Impostors tips - how to win as an Agent or Impostor (6)

If you're passing through an area and see two players close together, make a quick mental note of their numbers. If one of them reports the fragment of the other shortly afterwards, it's extremely likely that they are the Impostor trying to cover their tracks by self-reporting when they thought nobody else had seen them. Be ready to report the facts of what you saw when the discussion starts.

5. Provide good information during the discussion

Fortnite Impostors tips - how to win as an Agent or Impostor (7)

Voice chat is disabled during the discussion and voting phase, so you'll need to use the Quick Chat wheel to relay information to your crew – familiarizing yourself with the options under Facts, Question, Defensive, and Accusations will help you provide intel on anything you've seen quickly and accurately. Be wary about making things up, as if another player knows your statement is false you could end up being accused as the Impostor yourself.

Fortnite Impostors tips – Impostor

Fortnite Impostors tips for an Impostor

As an Impostor, your role is to sabotage The Bridge, and get rid of all Agents by eliminations or vote manipulation to win. You'll need to avoid getting detected by the Agents, while going about your secret work.

1. Try to look busy

Fortnite Impostors tips - how to win as an Agent or Impostor (9)

The key to blending in with the Agents is to look busy with assignments, by moving to key areas and pretending to interact there. You can actually complete assignments if you want to fully look the part or you're at risk of being compromised by another player noticing you not working, but remember that this will count towards the Agents' completion progress so do it sparingly.

2. Watch where the other players are

Fortnite Impostors tips - how to win as an Agent or Impostor (10)

Keep an eye on where the other players are, and try to isolate a target from the others before eliminating them in a quiet area if possible. If another player spots you taking out an Agent then it's very hard to get away with your crime, so do it quickly then immediately move out of the area to deflect suspicion – perhaps complete an assignment near an Agent straight afterwards so you have a potential alibi.

3. Go for a double bluff

Fortnite Impostors tips - how to win as an Agent or Impostor (11)

Of course, instead of trying to sneak away and distance yourself from the fallen Agent's fragment, you can instead report it to the rest of the crew then try to pin the blame on someone else. A lot of players won't expect the Impostor to be the one doing the reporting, so as long as you weren't spotted this can be a great cover tactic.

4. Take your time during the discussion

Fortnite Impostors tips - how to win as an Agent or Impostor (12)

When you reach the discussion and voting stage as an Impostor, don't immediately go on the offensive unless you have a solid story to weave, but instead see how the discussion is going and try to steer accusations towards someone else. If one or more Agents have become suspicious of you, then try to subtly deflect blame onto someone else and don't panic straight away – throwing out a barrage of wild accusations is just going to make you look very guilty, but is there a comment someone else made you can latch on to and turn the conversation around?

That's everything you need to know to get started, now head to The Bridge and try not to flush too many good Agents out into space... unless you're an Impostor, that is!

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