Highmark Wholecare Otc Store (2024)

1. Highmark Wholecare OTC Store

  • Cough and Throat Drops

  • Welcome to your 2024 Over the Counter Benefit, administered by Fieldtex. The OTC Benefit is designed to give you access through your health plan to preventative health products that you are already using at no additional cost to you.

2. [PDF] HWMR-0107-2024 OTC Catalog_BS - Highmark

  • Your OTC benefit covers only the items included in this catalog. • If an item is deemed to be medically necessary, it might be covered by the health.

3. Highmark OTC

4. [PDF] 2023 Over-the-Counter Catalog - Highmark

  • Start using your. Over-the-Counter (OTC) benefit. Your Highmark Wholecare coverage just keeps getting better. Starting January 1, 2023 you have access to ...

5. Diabetic Supplies - Highmark Wholecare OTC Store

  • Highmark Wholecare OTC Store. Shop · Cart (0 - $0.00). You have no ... 922-10568 1 QT sharps container. $3.75. Copyright © 2024 Highmark Wholecare OTC Store.

  • Copyright © 2024 Highmark Wholecare OTC Store. All rights reserved.

6. Highmark Wholecare OTC Store. News Archive

  • Categories · Absorbent Bed Pads Incontinece Protection · Allergy · Cold and Flu · Colon Support · Cough and Throat Drops · Dental Care · Dental Care - Denture ...

  • Copyright © 2024 Highmark Wholecare OTC Store. All rights reserved.

7. Highmark Wholecare

  • like the doctor, gym, or grocery store; Free glasses or contacts; Free hearing exams and hearing aids. Benefits may vary by plan. Ready to enroll? Enroll now.

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8. Highmark's Exciting Changes for their 2024 OTC Benefit

  • 15 dec 2023 · You've asked, and you have received! Highmark is happy to announce they're improving their OTC Benefit experience for their members.

  • Beginning 1/1/2024, members will enjoy increased product offerings, more user-friendly website features, tracking orders, and monitor OTC allowance, and more.

Highmark Wholecare Otc Store (2024)
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