MJR Ticket Prices: How much is a ticket at MJR? (See Now) (2024)

MJR Digital Cinemas is a chain of movie houses located in the state of Michigan. As of January 2017, It has nine (9) branches across Michigan namely Adrian, Michigan, Brighton Town Square, Chesterfield Crossing, Partridge Creek, Marketplace, Southgate, Waterford, Westland and Troy Grand. A 10th location at Warren, Michigan is expected to open in February 2017.

MJR Digital Cinemas assures its clients that the MJR experience is an epic movie experience. All of its theatres have state-of-the-art screens, seats and sound systems.

MJR Ticket Prices

Children (ages 2-12)$7.50 - $8.00
Adults (ages 13 & up)$9.50 - $11.00
Seniors (ages 55+)$7.50 - $8.00
Student (with valid ID)$7.50 - $8.500
Children (ages 2-12)$6.00 - $7.00
Adults (ages 13 & up)$6.00 - $7.00
Seniors (ages 55+)$6.00 - $7.00
Student (with valid ID)$6.00 - $7.00
Children (ages 2-12)$5.00 - $6.00
Adults (ages 13 & up)$5.00 - $6.00
Seniors (ages 55+)$5.00 - $6.00
Student (with valid ID)$5.00 - $6.00
3D Movies$2.50
MJR Epic Experience Presentation$2.00
MJR 3-D Epic Experience Presentation$3.00


MJR Digital Cinemas was founded by Mike Mihalich. Its first location was at Royal Oak, Michigan. MJR stands for “Movies Just Right” which was the theatre chain’s original slogan. Currently, the it’s slogan is “It’s more fun at MJR”. Said slogan is also repeatedly used in the advertising jingle of the cinema house.

The people of Michigan saw the expansion of MJR Cinemas in the 1990s. The theatre in Waterford and drive-in in Monroe were purchased. The Adrian branch was also opened in the 1990s.

It has been on the Detroit-A List for Best Cinema for three years. In 2012 and 2013, it landed 4th place out of 27 cinemas. While on 2015, it was 4th place out of 23 competing cinemas.

It is also one of the first cinema houses to have a mobile application. Using such, one can buy tickets without additional fees. Transactions are also made easier because the mobile application stores credit card, loyalty card and gift card information.

MJR Digital Cinemas Review

Most seats in MJR Digital Cinemas are already reclining chairs. The end goal of the company’s management is to have all of its theatre houses have reclining chairs. Movie-goers have been giving the cinema house raving due to this move.

Aside from the reclining seats, movie-goers have been giving rave reviews about the food. Dr Sandy D, a movie-goer, commented on an online review website that the popcorn line is always commended for being fast-moving. There is also a Studio Bar and Lounge open for theatre patrons aged 21 and up.

As for the movie houses themselves, movie-goers have noted its cleanliness. The screens were also noted to be large and the surround sound systems were also incredible.

The staff and other employees are also very polite and accommodating. The staffs at the ticket counter and concession stand are all courteous as noted by movie patron Buck.

Angelica M also said that there was ample parking space at the branch she visited. She noted that it was a perfect place for date night.

Lastly, most of the reviews about MJR Digital Cinemas said that the ticket prices were good and reasonable considering that they screened the latest movies and the place had an awesome ambience.

About MJR Digital Cinemas

MJR Digital Cinemas has several reward programs namely the MJR Movie Reward Club and the MJR Premier Rewards Program.

The Movie Reward Club is open to everyone aged 15 and up except MJR Digital Cinemas employees. The program is free of charge. The individual wishing to become a part of the rewards program just needs to register his or her card at the cinema’s website. The member earns points with every purchase of movie ticket and food from the theatre house.

The Premier Rewards Program is the new rewards program of MJR Digital Cinemas. Movie-goers need not worry because it works similarly to the MJR Movie Reward Club. Anyone can also avail of such except the express prohibition mentioned above. The Premier Reward Program is set to roll in April 2017.

Aside from the aforementioned rewards programs, patrons of MJR may also join the company’s monthly contests.



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MJR Ticket Prices: How much is a ticket at MJR? (See Now) (2024)
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