Virtual Urgent Care | WellNow Urgent Care (2024)

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Connect with our providers online in 5 minutes for a range of symptoms, including COVID-19.

If you are experiencing a life-threatening event, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room immediately.

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Accessible healthcare, anytime, from any device

WellNow Virtual Care is here to provide convenient and uncomplicated healthcare for all ages from the comfort of your couch.

  • Start your visit right from your phone, tablet or computer.

  • Our care team provides timely, expert medical care for all ages.

  • Visits are convenient, private and secure.

  • We work with all insurance plans, with a flat-rate fee of $75 for self-pay visits,
    to ensure you receive affordable, simple care.

  • More benefits to a telehealth visit

Our virtual care medical providers are equipped to treat a variety of illnesses, injuries, symptoms and general wellness needs. View all services.

What to Expect

Your private, secure virtual visit typically can be completed in under 10 minutes. During your visit, you will have a video consultation with one of our board certified virtual care providers. Based on the consultation, your provider will provide a treatment plan and prescriptions if necessary.

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Complete an Online Health Interview

  • Answer a series of questions about how you are feeling and the symptoms you are experiencing — just as you would during an in-office visit.

  • You may be asked to provide photos of areas of concern, such as a wound, which can be sent from your computer or phone.

  • Your answers and images are submitted to a provider and reviewed during your consultation.

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Provider Reviews & Creates a Treatment Plan

  • A WellNow provider will connect via video, inquire about any necessary additional information, perform an evaluation and formulate a treatment plan.

  • You will receive a notification once your treatment plan becomes accessible through your secure patient portal. Treatment plans include patient education for the diagnosed condition, prescriptions (if applicable) and a work note if needed.

  • You'll be notified when your treatment plan has been submitted by the provider for review, typically within 10 minutes of completing the visit.

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  • If a prescription is part of your treatment plan, you have control over which pharmacy to send the prescription, and when it is sent. No more waiting and wondering if the provider sent the prescription to your pharmacy of choice.

Virtual Care FAQs

Virtual urgent care is a remote healthcare service that allows individuals to consult with experienced urgent care medical providers through video calls, phone calls or online messaging to receive timely medical advice and treatment for non-emergency issues.

A virtual urgent care visit typically covers many non-emergency medical conditions, including minor illnesses, injuries, UTI infections, COVID-19 and flu symptoms. Virtual urgent care provides convenient healthcare from the comfort of one's home.

Yes. We work with all insurance plans, with a flat-rate fee of $75 for self-pay visits, to ensure your WellNow virtual urgent care visit is affordable and simple.

A virtual urgent care visit with WellNow is easy. After completing registration, you will complete an online health assessment to provide details on how you feel. A WellNow medical provider will evaluate and communicate any questions and recommended treatment plans.

If you are submitting through insurance, please have your insurance card handy. If you choose the $75 self-pay, please have your credit card ready.

Adults and children can be seen by a WellNow virtual care provider. Visits for minor children must be completed by a parent.

Individuals seeking convenient and quick access to non-emergency medical consultations, those with minor illnesses or injuries and those with limited mobility or transportation options benefit most from virtual urgent care.

Yes, WellNow’s virtual care platform uses secure and encrypted communication methods to protect the privacy of our patients, ensuring that personal health information shared during virtual consultations remains confidential.

WellNow virtual care providers are licensed to prescribe clinically appropriate medications based on the diagnosed condition. They do not offer prescriptions for pain medications or narcotics. If your treatment plan requires a prescribed medication, you can take the prescription to the pharmacy of your choice. The patient is responsible for any costs related to prescriptions, over-the-counter treatments or necessary follow-up visits.

We believe that telemedicine is worth it! Virtual telemedicine offers convenience, accessibility and the ability to receive medical care without leaving home, which can be particularly beneficial for non-emergency illnesses and injuries.

What can WellNow Urgent Care treat?

Helping you when you or a family member is sick.Our services are designed to treat an array of common illnesses, infections and diseases. We offer exceptional care on your schedule.

Virtual Care Exclusive

Anti-Aging Skin Care
Bacterial Vaginosis
Birth Control
Emergency Contraception
Erectile Dysfunction
Eyelash Growth
Male Pattern Hair Loss

A - E

Abscesses and Cysts
Animal Bites
Back Pain
Common Cold
Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)
Cuts and Lacerations
Ear Infections

G - Z

Food Poisoning
Foreign Body Removal
Mononucleosis (Mono)
Nausea, Vomiting and Diarrhea
Sinus Infections
Strep Throat
Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

Virtual Urgent Care | WellNow Urgent Care (2024)
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