OSRS 1-99 Firemaking Guide (Complete Guide) - OSRS Guide (2024)

OSRS 1-99 Firemaking Guide (Complete Guide) - OSRS Guide (1)

Just like cooking and fletching, firemaking is a buyable skill where you can get from 1 to level 99 incredibly fast. In this OSRS Firemaking Guide, we will show you just how fast this skill can be.

Using the navigation below you can navigate to your current firemaking level. From level 50 you have the requirements for Wintertotd which is recommended albeit slightly slower but you won’t be losing money anymore.

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1Two osrs firemaking training methods to get 99 fast

1.1Conventional firemaking training method

1.2Wintertodt firemaking training method

2OSRS Firemaking guide – fastest way to 99

3OSRS Wintertodt Guide

3.1What is wintertotd

3.2Wintertotd Dedicated Worlds


3.4How to get to Wintertotd

3.5Gear setup

3.6Inventory setup

3.7A Wintertotd game

3.8EXP Rates at wintertotd

3.9Wintertotd rewards

3.9.1Pyromancer outfit

4Quests that grant firemaking experience

5OSRS Firemaking cape

6OSRS Firemaking Guide summary

7More osrs skilling guides

Two osrs firemaking training methods to get 99 fast

When it comes to firemaking, there are two training methods currently in osrs to get to 99 firemaking. Both are very fast, and will get you to 99 firemaking within 50 hours.

Conventional firemaking training method

First, you have the conventional firemaking training method, which is still the fastest but will cost you about 11M in total and it is also pretty click-intensive.

Using the conventional training method will get you from 1-99 in under 35 hours.

Wintertodt firemaking training method

The second firemaking training option available is the Wintertodt method. Wintertodt is a skill-boss that was introduced into the game that requires 50 firemaking to gain access to. Doing this mini-game-like-boss will give you fast firemaking experience in a more fun environment at a slightly slower pace.

Using the wintertodt training method will get you from 1-99 in under 50 hours.

OSRS Firemaking guide – fastest way to 99

OSRS 1-99 Firemaking Guide (Complete Guide) - OSRS Guide (2)

For the fastest way to get 99 firemaking, we make use of the old school firemaking method. You’ll be burning logs from levels 1 up until 99 firemaking. Even though the Wintertotd skill-boss has good experience rates, this is still the fastest way to train the fire making skill in old school Runescape.

I’m not including Magic and Mahogany logs in this guide as they are far too pricey for the experience that they reward you with. If money is not an issue, you can use these to get 99 even faster.

Hours to 99: 35 hours

Money spent 99: 11.2Mgp

Firemaking LevelsLogLogs neededEXP per log (total exp)EXP RateCostApprox Time
1-15Normal logs6140 (2411)50k/hr1k3 minutes
15 – 30 Oak logs18360 (10,952)80k/hr7k8 minutes
30 – 35Willow logs10190 (9,043)125k/hr1k5 minutes
35 -42Teak logs221105 (231,123)150k/hr60k10 minutes
42 -45Arctic pine logs128125 (15,983)170k/hr75k6 minutes
45 – 60Maple logs1,573135 (212,230)190k/hr11K1 hour
60 – 90Yew logs25,050202.5 (5,072,590)280k/hr4.6M18 hours
90 – 99Redwood logs21,966350 (7,688,099)500k/hr6.5M15 hours
Total11.3M35 hours

From level 50 firemaking it is highly recommended you switch over to Wintertodt instead, the experience rates will be slower but you’ll be making money instead of burning it.

OSRS Wintertodt Guide

OSRS 1-99 Firemaking Guide (Complete Guide) - OSRS Guide (3)

While firemaking used to be the skill where you literally burn money, this has all been changed since the arrival of Wintertodt.

Wintertotd is the second training method in this osrs firemaking guide. It is currently the most favoured way of training firemaking by most players as you make some money while doing it and it’s actually fun (as opposed to burning logs at the grand exchange).

Also Wintertotd only being 15 hours slower than the conventional firemaking training method, helps its cause.

If you’re on a budget, Wintertotd is the best way for you to get 99 firemaking.

What is wintertotd

Wintertotd is a firemaking skill-boss within Oldschool Runescape. This means it is fought using a skill (in this case firemaking) rather than combat. Players help alongside the pyromancers to drain the Wintertotd’s energy by lighting the braziers.

warning: this is a boss, not a minigame. While there is no actual fighting, you can still die by the damage so do not bring any valuables. Hardcore ironman WILL lose their status after they die here.

Wintertotd Dedicated Worlds

Wintertotd has dedicated worlds and you HAVE to play in these if you want the fast experience rates. Your experience rates depend on the time of the games and games in the official world only last about 4 minutes each.

Official Wintertotd worlds are: 307, 309, 311


The only requirement for Wintertodt is that you have 50 firemaking. Something that, if you follow the guide above — will take you about 30 minutes to achieve and cost you only100-120k.

Getting from levels 50 to 99 using this method, takes about 50 hours in total. Depending on your woodcutting level, you can gain between 500K – 1M woodcutting experience as well.

How to get to Wintertotd

Getting to Wintertotd is super easy, all you need is a games necklace to teleport there. You can buy a games necklace from the grand exchange.

Gear setup

Since the temperatures are extremely low, you must be wearing warm clothing while doing this mini-game.

Example of warm clothing items:

  • Firecape/infernal cape/firemaking cape/obisidian cape
  • Pyromancer outfit
  • Santa hat/fire tiara
  • Hunter gear (polar, wood, larupia, graahk & kyatt)
  • Yak-hide armor
  • Holiday items (Santa, chicken, etc)

If you still haven’t found an item you have, here is a full list of warm clothing pieces in osrs

Inventory setup

  • Best possible hatchet
  • tinderbox
  • knife (optional)
  • food

A Wintertotd game

OSRS 1-99 Firemaking Guide (Complete Guide) - OSRS Guide (4)

During a Wintertotd game, players must chop the root of the bruma tree found near the braziers and add them to damage the boss. These braziers can be lit with a tinderbox.

Once inside the game, players have access to the pyromancer supplies which include bronze axes, hammers, tinderboxes, knives and unfinished rejuvenation potions. The player is then tasked with chopping the roots from the bruma trees. Once they have a full inventory of bruma roots, they can add them to the braziers. Optionally you can use a knife to fletch them and create bruma kindling. This gives you 27% more fire making experience once used on the brazier than regular bruma root but of course you lose time fletching it so it’s not really recommended.

Since it is extremely cold in wintertotd plays will take damage from the cold. Additionally sometimes snowstorms show up that damage the players, the pyromancers and the braziers. A destroyed brazier can be repaired with a hammer.

Pyromancers are low in health and just three hits from the Wintertodt can take them down. In this case, they have to be healed with a dose of rejuvination potion. Since the potions from the supplies are unfinished, players who have completed Druidic Ritual can pick bruma herbs and use them to create a finished rejuvenation potion.

In-between games, you should make sure you’re back to full health. This can easily be done by using a ring of duelling to teleport to clan wars and restore your stats in the free-for-all portal. If you have a ornate rejuvenation pool in your house, you can use house teleports instead.

EXP Rates at wintertotd

Every successful game (gain at least 500 points) will grant you an experience reward. This reward amounts to 100 times to your current firemaking level. So at level 50 firemaking you will get 5000 firemaking experience per game. Every game in the official world lasts about 4 minutes.

EXP Rate at level 50: 150K/hr

EXP Rate at level 90: 300K/hr

Wintertotd rewards

Next to exp rewards, you will also get a supply crate from a successful game. This crate has 2 rewards inside and for every extra 500 points you gain an extra reward.

Fish, herb, ore, gem, seed and log rewards depend on your skill level in Fishing, Herblore, Mining, Crafting, Farming and Woodcutting

Pyromancer outfit

The main reward players will go for in Wintertotd is the Pyromancer outfit, also known as the firemaking outfit. The full pyromancer outfit, when equipped, grants the player an additional 2.5% firemaking exp boost.

The outfit can also be used to keep you warm while at Wintertotd, plus it will greatly increase your hourly experience rates.

Quests that grant firemaking experience

QuestExperience RewardFiremaking lvl required
The Giant Dwarf1,50016 firemaking
Heroes Quest1,575/
Enlightened Journey4,00020 firemaking
Making friends with my arm5,00066 firemaking
Enakhra’s lament7,00045 firemaking

OSRS Firemaking cape

Once you reach 99 firemaking (in under 50 hours with this firemaking guide ;)) you can get your cape from Ignatius Vulcan, the firemaking master in Seers’ Village.

The firemaking cape will count as a warm clothing piece should you still want to do Wintertotd after you reach 99 firemaking.

The firemaking cape also counts as a never-ending light source in your inventory!

OSRS Firemaking Guide summary

Hopefully, this osrs firemaking guide was useful and will help you to get 99 firemaking as fast as possible. Both training methods in this guide will help you do so in under 50 hours, making firemaking one of the fastest skills to max in old school Runescape.

Unless you have some money to burn, I highly advise you to take the wintertotd firemaking method over the conventional training method. You’ll make some money and won’t go insane from burning all those logs.

Anyway, this has been our old school Runescape firemaking guide, let us know if something is missing or needs changing.

If you want to calculate the prices of the logs for yourself you can use the firemaking calculator.

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OSRS 1-99 Firemaking Guide (Complete Guide) - OSRS Guide (2024)
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